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We are a married couple that did not sell everything to see the world. We have full time jobs, responsibilities and limited vacation days. We still want to see the world, one country at a time and share our adventures, tips and more.

We want to share our stories, images and hopefully the information might help someone on their trip or will become the foundation for inspiration.

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BEFREE: leave all you worries at home, free your mind, leave your comfort zone, stop complaining and start living

TRAVEL: sleep less, explore something new, be adventurous, try new food, talk to locals, act like locals

Through our website, we want to share our stories, photographs and hopefully the information might help someone on their trip or even awaken their own wanderlust.

As for the future, we have a big list of destinations we would like to visit. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned.


I have been fascinated with nature throughout my life.


Dmitry Poglot, be free and travel, befreeandtravel.com

Hey! I am Dmitry.

I am of Greek descent, born in Soviet Union and by the time I finished high school I was on my fifth language. I guess travelling is in my DNA.

Growing up, I wanted to be an entomologist. There is something infinitely interesting observing the world of insects. I feel that it parallels our life but on a much smaller scale. That career never panned out because I could not imagine a sedentary job.

I am very passionate about all animals (expect maybe cockroaches) and absolutely love to photograph them. The harder the challenge, the more exciting it is.

My second passion is writing and apart from writing the blog, I am finishing up my first novel. Stay tuned!

My most memorable experience so far….

Costa Rican road trip. Everything about it was surreal, from sneaking an engagement ring in my shoe to propose on Volcano Arenal, to getting lost in the jungle and the whole hotel looking for us to missing directions and ending up in Nicaragua. Not sure if it can get more epic than that!

Random facts about me:

  • Learned Spanish for fun.
  • Love reading and dread the time to move because my library is massive.
  • I love to collect things. From bobbleheads to rocks. I hope I don’t become one of those crazy hoarder types that have 10000 cats and piles of rubbish.
  • I am obsessed with kingfishers. They are my nemesis and I have spent countless hours staking them in the wild. They usually win and fly away.
  • I love fishing and once heard that there is good fishing in a hot zone in Israel and we still went there to fish. At night.
  • I detest injustice. Whether it is directed towards an animal or a person.
  • I eat way too much sweets. Been even called a “Fly” for that.



From an early age, art has been part of my life. Whether it was drawing or painting, my imagination was always at work.

Elena Hasnas, be free and travel, befreeandtravel.com


Hi! I am Elena.

I was born in Moldova and was raised in a small village. Yes, I am a country girl.  I am blessed to have loving parents who brought me to Toronto, Canada.

I always wanted to be an artist and never took photography seriously, until the day I woke up before a sunrise and spent the whole morning trying to capture the beauty of the sunlight and the sea. Only after I uploaded the pictures on the computer I realized that out of 250 photos none of them turned out great. I am very competitive person and hate failures. That same day I started learning photography and my goal was to stop when I take a photo that I would love. I never expected that photography would become part of my life, even when I am happy with my images/work, I still tell myself that its not what I want to achieve and learning never stops!

In 2016 I became self employed and I specialize in newborn, maternity, baby and family photography. Check out my personal website: http://lendo.ca

My most memorable experience so far….

Our road trip in Iceland. It was more than adventure…. I was so excited with the beauty of Iceland that I couldn’t sleep or eat. I was enjoying every second that we spend there and I can’t wait to be back.

Random facts about me:

  • My Canon DSLR camera is my right hand and I couldn’t function without it!
  • I have an extreme addiction to coffee.
  • I hate sleeping. Literally, I hate wasting time on sleeping. May be that’s why I always need coffee….
  • I am not a beach person. I feel like by lying on the beach you can miss an opportunity to see or experience something amazing.
  • Love steak, was vegetarian for 3 years and planning on going back. Definitely I will miss my medium rare steak.
  • Love action movies. Especially when there is a couple running away/escaping. If there is some romance going on I will be a happy couch potato.
  • I love animals, regret that I didn’t go to school to become a zookeeper.


Our small but very smart friend


Random facts about him:

  • Sigi is very moody and when he is in a bad mood, watch out.
  • Loves to watch TV to the point of trying to lay down on it.
  • Hates fruits. Just detests them.
  • His cage has never been closed since we got him, the only time he flies in, is to sleep.
  • Loves to imitate running water. We even considered naming him “Stream”
  • Loves to eat plants and his favorite is the “money tree”plant.
  • Loves to listen to trance music.



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Disclaimer: Our readers come first. Therefore, all reviews will be  honest, whether we have received complementary or discounted travel and gear.