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Camping is a fantastic hobby and like all hobbies, it tends to get expensive in a hurry. As you graduate from car camping to back country camping, you realize that space is limited and the more you bring the more you will have to haul.

That is when things get even more expensive. Chairs, tents and sleeping bags that fold into small bags are extremely expensive due to their size and weight.

We are in process of upgrading our tent and sleeping bags, so we shall omit those for now.

The following is some of the gear we consider essential to our camping adventures:


Unless you are prepared to eat granola bars all day, every day, you need cooking supplies. We use a Primus, gas canister, a small pot to heat water, and a small cast iron skillet. The skillet is great for frying fish, burgers and eggs. It is a bit heavy though and can be used in self defense too!



How much you bring depends on your appetite. If you end up in bear country though be advised that they can smell your pop tarts and burgers from miles away so a cooler is off no use. Put that thing in the garbage. Instead, invest in a bear proof canister. It is large enough to fit all your food and it can easily be hung up from a tree.

LifeStraw filter bottle

Some prefer to use camel packs, some like to haul huge canisters of water with them and then there are those that just bring beer. We use LifeStraw filter bottle. Just unscrew the cap, fill with water and you are good to go. Lightweight and handy.

Band Aids, disinfectant wipes, Polysporin, pain reliever pills

First Aid kit.

Band Aids, gauze to stop bleeding, disinfectant wipes, Polysporin, pain reliever pills and rabies relief pills (kidding…)



Solar battery.

Great for charging your phone, GPS and other electronic devices that you can’t be without.

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  1. I really love our Pelican case. This thing is sturdy enough to hammer in nails and it is waterproof. Perfect for storing your phone, memory cards and other valuables in safe condition. Not sure if it bear proof.
  2. Bug spray. Next time you smirk and say “whatever, that is not necessary” and get attacked by a swarm of unkind black flies, you will remember me.
  3. Coffee press. Because nothing beats having a cup of coffee in the morning watching the mist rise from the lake.
  4. Rain Jackets. A small lightweight package that will keep you dry when the weather is grumpy. Some people use garbage bags and while this can be a solution, you end up sweating as if you are in sauna. We go with rain jackets instead.
  5. Emergency blanket. Cause you never know and if it gets very cold, you can use it as an insulator.
  6. Shovel and Rope.Rope has a thousand uses and is a must for everyone. Shovel is a must too.
  7. Sleeping bag liner. A very handy addition to your camping arsenal. I think that it is quite underrated in the camping world. The liner will keep your sleeping bag cleaner, keep you warmer (if it is insulated) and some even come with bug protection to keep those pests at bay.
  8. Bear Spray and Bear Bell. Yes, the bears are more afraid of you than you are of them. Yes, you are unlikely to see them even if you look for them. If you are in bear country though, it is better to be safe than sorry. These are wild animals and it is their turf so next time you head out into the woods have one of these devices with you.
  9. Dry food. Lightweight, plenty of calories and tastes somewhat good. Just don’t take the chocolate cake, that one sucks.
  10. Towels. Back country camping offers some amazing opportunities for showers…in lakes and rivers and unless you are planning on getting dry using your shirt a towel comes handy. Ours folds into a small package and dries extremely fast.
  11. Primus and a gas canister. We love this small package because we love to eat hot food.
  12. Fillet knife and a tick removal pincers. Those small buggers seem to like me and I’ve been bitten by 5 so far so those pincers come handy. A fillet knife is great for preparing your catch of the day.

There are other items that should be in your bag such as lighting device (headlamp, flashlight), matches, and others.

We will be updating the list as we get more sophisticated.





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