Hi there!

I’m Anna


Do your dreams consist of far off destinations like mine do?

If you also love the taste of freedom, adventures in nature, and trying delicious food from all around the world, then I see us becoming good friends!  If we’re becoming friends then we should probably get to know each other.  Here’s a little more about me.  I have a great passion for exploration and a goal to live this life to the absolute fullest!  So far I’ve been to 37 countries on 5 continents.  I value slow travel and cultural immersion whenever possible.  I’m also an aerialist that enjoys hanging around upside down and practicing my skills in new exotic locations anytime I get the chance!  

But life wasn’t always this exciting.  I used to be constrained by fear.  Now, I’m motivated by it.  As an exceptionally shy child who lacked self confidence, I would use fear as an excuse from trying new things even when deep down I really wanted to try.  I held tightly to the self limiting beliefs I created and thought I wasn’t special enough to live the big life I actually wanted.  Well let me tell you, it’s been a journey and a half but over the years I’ve learned to let all that go and actually allow myself to live out my dreams, including traveling the world. Instead of being afraid of what might happen if I try, now I’m motivated by the fear of what surely will not happen if I never try at all.  

On top of conquering fear, I had some additional challenges to overcome.  As an early childhood teacher who was making barely more than minimum wage I had no idea how I was going to afford all my travel dreams.  Nevertheless I persevered and found that despite my preconceived notion that travel was expensive, I found that travel really doesn’t have to be expensive at all!  

My mission is now to help as many people as possible to make their travel dreams a reality!  No matter what your current challenges might be, I fully believe in you and know you can make it happen.  I’ll be here spilling the tea on all my best money saving travel secrets.  I can’t wait to see this friendship between us blossom!Anna Freitag

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